Reviewing Baseball America MidSeason Prospect Rankings

Earlier we took a look at the original 2017 Baseball America Ranking and found some hits and misses.  Now we will look at the midseason ranking that Baseball America came out with a few weeks ago.

In the table below the number in parenthesis is the original 2017 ranking.

  • Walker Buehler couldn’t crack the top ten in Jan/Feb but after three months of domination, he is now the Dodgers top prospect according to Baseball America.
  • The next big jump belongs to Mitchell White who moved from nineteen to six.  That was a big jump considering how little White has pitched this year. Was his stuff that different from August of 2016 to April of 2017? Everyone else saw that stuff in 2016 and graded him higher, nice of BA to join the party.
  • One of their better original rankings was Dustin May at thirteen and May made it look good with great work for the Loons this year. May has jumped to number eight.
  • 2017 number one pick Jeren Kendall pops right in at number seven.  That gives the Dodgers three center fielders in the top ten though Verdugo is probably a RF, and Diaz has been splitting time with DJ Peters in CF for Rancho.  This ranking came in before Kendall made a mockery of the Pioneer League. He is due to make his full season debut today for the Loons.  Many eyes will be on him to see how he handles the advanced pitching of full season baseball.
  • Baseball America likes Will Smith more than Keibert Ruiz. Time will tell if that was a good idea. When you read the Baseball America handbook you can see why Baseball America likes Will Smith. He’s now in AA and looking more and more like an Austin Barnes clone.

My expectations are that when Starling Heredia is done with playing baseball in 2017 he will be a top ten Dodger prospect.

I like the list. I would have squeezed Keibert Ruiz onto this list. BA was not high on Dennis Santana entering the season so I’m not sure if he has changed their mind with his great season so far.

I’m not sure why AL teams aren’t knocking on the Dodgers door for Willie Calhoun. You shouldn’t need to be an old player to be a DH.

ProspecName BirthDate AGE League BA MidSeason
Walker Buehler 7/28/1994 22 AAA 1 (11)
Alex Verdugo* 5/15/1996 21 AAA 2 (4)
Yadier Alvarez 3/7/1996 21 AA 3 (2)
Willie Calhoun* 11/4/1994 22 AAA 4 (5)
Yusniel Diaz 10/7/1996 20 A+ 5 (7)
Mitchell White 12/28/1994 22 AA 6 (19)
Jeren Kendall 2/4/1996 21 A 7
Dustin May 9/6/1997 19 A 8 (13)
Brock Stewart 10/3/1991 25 Majors 9 (8)
Will Smith 3/28/1995 22 AA 10 (16)

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