Chasing Piazza / Robinson / Green / McGwire with number 28

While doing this chase segment for Cody Bellinger I’ve been remiss in leaving out Frank Robinson and Wally Berger who both hold the NL rookie home run single season record of 38.

With Joc Pederson and Corey Seager dropping off after Cody Bellinger hit his 27th home run on Sunday, I’ll add Frank Robinson to the chart to see how Cody is doing at his current pace.

With two home runs in two days, Cody has picked the pace back up. He’s well ahead of the Piazza pace to break the all time Dodger rookie home run record of 35. He is also well ahead of the Frank Robinson pace to break the all time NL rookie home run record of 38. He is well behind the pace to break the all time AL and Major league rookie home run record of 49. He is exactly on pace to tie or break the Dodger all time home run record set by Shawn Green at 49.

Player PA HR HR/PA July 24th Total Leader Year
Mike Piazza 486 28 17.36 20 35 LAD Rookie HR 1993
Frank Robinson 500 28 17.86 21 38 NL Rookie HR 1956
Mark McGwire 280 28 10.00 36 49 AL Rookie HR 1987
Shawn Green 440 28 15.71 28 49 LAD All-time HR 2001
Cody Bellinger 334 28 11.93 28 ??? Chasing 2017

If this confusing here is a quick legend.

PA – this is the number of plate appearances it took for each player to reach 28 home runs. We used 28 home runs because that is where Bellinger is right now. This would be within 4 PA of accuracy as I didn’t check the game log for the specific plate appearance they hit the home run.

HR – This is a marker showing you 28 home runs.

HR/PA – this is the home runs per plate appearance pace when they each hit their 28th home run.

Total HR though July 24th

Total – season home run total

Leader – this is why they are on the list. For example Mike Piazza is the LAD Rookie Home Run Leader

Year – this is the year they accomplished the home run record that Cody Bellinger is chasing



  1. 68elcamino427

    BELLINGER is on pace for 40.
    The schedule looks good.
    September could be a big month for BELLINGER!


    • I don’t think he has a chance to catch Big Mac but I had forgotten about the NL rookie record of 38 which has stood since 1956. 20-year-old Frank Robinson outlasted the PED era. Very cool. I’ll have a new list up soon


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