Crap, Kershaw goes down

Just a few days ago I was about to write about how the NL league leader in games started had bounced back quite nicely from his back troubles of a year ago.

So much for that column.  Guess we won’t have a Clayton Kershaw CYA debate again this year.

Shooting from the hip I really felt this was just a tweak and that he would miss one or two starts so the news that he is out for four – six weeks is bad news. If he can come back as healthy as he left, or as healthy as he was last October, this should not be a big deal in the short term.

In the long term though, meaning October, this is a blow.  At least his arm will be fresh which is what we told ourselves last year but that didn’t help him as he struggled with his starts against the Nationals. He made four starts last year in the postseason and pitched one gem but again came up short in his final start of the season.

The problem is the six weeks brings up to Sept, and October is only one month after that. Quite dicey to expect Clayton to be at his best one month after coming back from this current back ailment.  We won’t know for six weeks so we will just have to wait.

The rotation clog is about to be tested.  You can only hope that the blip that Alex Wood hit on Friday was just a blip. Rich Hill has come up huge, and he may have to handle a large load until Sept.  Kenta / Ryu need to prove they are bonafide major league rotation options for a team with post season aspirations.

Not many teams could handle losing Urias and now Kershaw. We will find out if the Dodgers are one of them.  Good thing they went on that crazy run and have built a ten game lead.

Might be time for Brock Stewart to get his shot in the rotation this year but damn, he’s been so good out of the bullpen you hate to lose that piece.

FREE WILMER, uh, probably not.

I wouldn’t consider trading for Darvish a panicky trade, but I would consider it a good baseball sense trade depending on the price. If Texas tries to hold us up because they think we have to have Darvish, screw em.

Anyway, get well soon Clayton. A World Series MVP is better than a CYA any day of the week.



  1. 68elcamino427

    Looks like a chronic problem for Kershaw.

    3,432 IP, 14 years Drysdale

    2,324 IP, 12 years Koufax

    1,901 IP, 10 years Kershaw

    I’m prepared for this to be it for Kershaw for the rest of the 2017 season.
    Because this is just as likely an outcome from the situation at hand as it is Kershaw comes back 100% and ready to go come playoff time.


  2. Mike Sacha

    Ugh…though you may be right.


  3. He’ll be pitching in Sept just like he did last year. But I’m ready to trade him this winter just so I can write a Clayton Kershaw is an old 30 article.


    • 68elcamino427

      We shall see.
      If recovery goes past six weeks, it complicates things.
      It would be nice if Kershaw could have time for three starts to prepare for the playoffs.
      Keeping in mind that he has been working to maintain his back for the past year does not give confidence for a quick fix now.

      Thinking positive.
      When Kershaw does return, likely we will not be seeing anymore playoff starts on short rest nor any heroic relief appearances …
      unless the relief appearance is for the win in the seventh game of the WS.


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