68 – 31, right on track after 4 – 2 week

Last Monday I ran a little exercise to see what it would take to get the Dodgers to 110 wins. I conservatively got them to 108 wins, and by going 4 – 2 this past week they are right on schedule.

We didn’t get there the same way but nonetheless ended up 4-2. I expected a split with the White Sox and three of four from the Braves. In actuality, they swept the White Sox but only took two of four from the Braves.  I hadn’t counted on the meltdown by Alex Wood but I did expect them to lose the first game to the Braves after the long flight home from the Chicago series.

Course now we get to do this without Clayton Kershaw, though hopefully, it will only be one missed start. I’ve got us winning two of three from the Twins and Giants next week.

By the next Sunday, we might have found out if the Dodgers had stayed pat, went all in, or did a tweak or two.  Or we may have to wait until next Monday.

Oh look, Keibert Ruiz just hit another three run home run.


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