Cody chasing Piazza/Green/McGwire on July 12th

For the first time since we started doing this series, Cody Bellinger lost ground to everyone. Especially McGwire and Green, but even Piazza picked up some ground.

No longer does it look like a lock that Cody will break the long-standing rookie home run record by Piazza though he is still in great shape. He is way behind McGwire right now as Big Mac hit around 11 home runs in two weeks starting on June 27th.

Cody is still in front of the Shawn Green pace, but Green would hit five home runs in the next two weeks.  If you look at the Green chart you will notice he needs to hit 29 home runs over his next 280 plate appearances. In other words, Shawn Green is about to go ballistic, and I don’t see any chance of Cody keeping pace.

That is what happens when you only hit one home run in 50 plate appearances after averaging a home run every 10.

With two more home runs, he will pass Joc and Corey, and they will drop from this list. Hopefully by next Sunday.



Player Year PA HR HR/PA Total HR Thru July 12th Total
Mike Piazza 1993 467 25 18.68 18 35
Joc Pederson 2015 533 25 21.32 20 26
Corey Seager 2016 596 25 23.84 17 26
Shawn Green 2001 427 25 17.08 20 49
Mark McGwire 1987 271 25 10.84 33 49
Cody Bellinger 2017 292 25 11.68 25 ???

If this confusing here is a quick legend.

PA – this is the number of plate appearances it took for each player to reach 25 home runs. We used 25 home runs because that is where Bellinger is right now. This would be within 4 PA of accuracy as I didn’t check the game log for the specific plate appearance they hit the home run.

HR – This is a marker showing you 25 home runs.

HR/PA – this is the home runs per plate appearance pace when they each hit their 25th home run.

Total HR by July 12th

Total – season home run total


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