Updated LAD All-Star History

The greatest baseball franchise has a rich history in the all-star game, with multiple MVP winners. You’d be hard pressed to find a Dodger pitcher who was scored upon in 58 years of Dodger all-star appearances. Don Drysdale holds the all-star record with 19 strikeouts and won back to back games in 1967 and 1968, and for good measure also collected a save in 1963.  Steve Garvey was one of the greatest all-star performers winning both the 1974 and 1978 All-Star MVP awards. Maury Wills won the 1962 All-Star MVP award and drove in the winning run in the 1966 All-Star game in his last all-star at bat. Mike Piazza slugged home runs in back to back all-star games.

The links below will give you why each player  was selected and what they did once they were selected.

Every Los Angeles Dodger All-Star

LAD All-Stars, 1958 – 1961, the beginning
LAD All-Stars, 1962 – 1969, Koufax, Drysdale, and Wills era
LAD All-Stars, 1970 – 1979, Garvey – Russell – Lopes – Cey era
LAD All-Stars 1980 – 1989, the Fernando Valenzuela and Orel Hershiser decade
LAD All-Stars 1990 – 1999, the Mike Piazza era
LAD All-Stars 2000 – 2018, the Clayton Kershaw era

LAD All-Star Home Runs:

Date Batter Pitcher Score Inn
8/3/1959 Jim Gilliam Billy O’Dell down 4-2 b7
7/15/1975 Jim Wynn Vida Blue ahead 0-1 t2
7/30/1962 John Roseboro Milt Pappas down 9-3 b9
7/9/1996 Mike Piazza Charles Nagy ahead 0-1 b2
7/11/1995 Mike Piazza Kenny Rogers down 2-1 t7
7/19/1977 Steve Garvey Jim Palmer ahead 0-4 t3
7/15/1975 Steve Garvey Vida Blue tied 0-0 t2
7/24/1973 Willie Davis Nolan Ryan ahead 1-5 t6

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