Did the Dodgers snag George Springer for nothing?

Jeff Sullivan did an exhaustive look at the stats of Chris Taylor for Fangraphs on Tuesday.  Joe Davis mentioned the story last night either before or after Chris Taylor crushed a home run to deep left field.  Joe mentioned that the writer came to the conclusion that the hitter that most Chris Taylor most resembles is George Springer.

For the new Chris Taylor, at the plate, easily the closest comp has been recent George Springer. They’re close up there in all four categories, and while Springer has shown the slightly better peak strength, Taylor has made more consistent contact. So, when you wonder how Taylor’s wRC+ might regress, you might decide to be strongly anchored to Springer’s 130. Perhaps that’s still too high, I don’t know, but Taylor has been showing legitimate offensive skills, and his defensive versatility is an obvious plus. Pitchers will have time to try to figure this out, but Taylor hasn’t given an inch.

That would be insane.  He may be right.



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  1. 68elcamino427

    I poached your Lopes – Taylor comparison a day or two ago during a discussion on who Taylor reminded people of on the you know where blog.

    It was well received.

    You pretty smart!


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