No June Gloom for Dodgers

June Record 6 – 4

Overall Record 39 – 25

Position – 1 1/2 games back of the Rockies

By sweeping the potent Reds the Dodgers moved over .500 for June and kept the Rockies in their sights. The Rockies won seven in a row until yesterday, so it was imperative the Dodgers make hey against the Red pitching, and they did just that.

The offense in June is being led once again by Cody Bellinger who blasted three home runs over the weekend. Corey Seager’s bat also woke up and he obliterated the production of his competition for all-star shortstop.

I hedged my bets on Seager. I said I voted for Cosart but also expected Seager to make me look like a fool.

I expect Cory Seager to hit three or four home runs and Zack Cozart to be punchless thus resulting in my ridicule for picking Cozart over Seager in the 2017 All-Star vote, along with misspelling his name in my tweet. 

Chris Taylor has slowed down, and it would probably be wise to give him some time off. This is not a guy who has ever played full time before so you could easily expect him to be getting some fatigue.  He currently sports the second most plate appearances for the month.

On May 9th, no one expected Chase Utley to lay claim to the starting 2nd baseman job, but one month later he has done exactly that. With the return of Turner, and the struggles of Forsythe, Chase will probably be getting most starts against RHP until he slows down.

Puig is doing just enough to warrant starting full time but it is a far cry from what we were hoping for. 

Several regulars are holding back the Dodger offense. Grandal, Gonzalez,  and Forsythe are all sporting an OPS less than or equal to .544.  For Grandal this is just a mini slump but for Adrian Gonzalez this is starting to get worrying.

I expect Forsythe to break out of his slump but in his career he has only played in small market teams who have never had a winning season. Maybe he’s having trouble adjusting to playing in games that count every day.

I hadn’t  noticed how bad Kiké Hernandez had been this month. Just the one extra base hit in June after being an extra base hit machine in April/May.

One interesting note in June. I don’t normally include the stolen base totals because the Dodgers don’t run but in June they Dodgers have stolen nine bases and have been caught only once. Chris Taylor and Cody Bellinger both have three steals each.  The rest of the year the Dodgers had twenty-one stolen bases but were caught eight times.


Player               Split HR PA 2B RBI SB CS BB SO  OBP  SLG   OPS
Corey Seager          June  2 45  4   7  0  0  7  7 .378 .514  .891
Chris Taylor          June  1 39  3   5  3  0  3 10 .282 .389  .671
Cody Bellinger        June  4 38  2   6  3  0  4 13 .316 .647  .963
Yasiel Puig           June  0 35  3   2  2  0  5  5 .371 .367  .738
Chase Utley           June  1 32  2   3  0  0  7  2 .438 .480  .918
Yasmani Grandal       June  1 32  1   2  0  0  0 12 .188 .313  .500
Adrian Gonzalez       June  0 31  2   3  0  1  2  5 .258 .286  .544
Logan Forsythe        June  0 30  0   0  0  0  2 13 .133 .071  .205
Enrique Hernandez     June  1 23  0   1  1  0  2  7 .174 .238  .412
Austin Barnes         June  0 18  0   1  0  0  1  4 .333 .294  .627
Brett Eibner          June  0 11  0   0  0  0  1  5 .182 .100  .282
Justin Turner         June  1 10  0   2  0  0  0  2 .500 .778 1.278
Franklin Gutierrez    June  0 10  0   3  0  0  0  3 .200 .200  .400

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Generated 6/12/2017.


1 Comment

  1. 68elcamino427

    SP Pitching concerns
    Suggestion – Trade for a SP

    Cody Bellinger – “The Unstruggler”

    Bellinger and Seager have a rare ability to barrel up the ball on the point of percussion.
    Bellinger’s hands still look fast when viewed in slo mo.
    Seager has a swing that is so smooth through the zone.
    It is easy to imagine the type of offense these two will provide a few years from now, in their prime time. Lesson learned when underestimating these two with the bat?

    Chris Taylor, days off.
    Taylor is getting a day off … TODAY!

    Chase Utley – Timeless! What a player!

    Puig gonna Puig. His defense in RF is a sight to behold.
    Maybe Puig will go on a hot streak with the bat.

    Gonzalez “back” to the MRI machine and back to the 10 Day DL.
    Forsythe – in the paper today, Roberts acknowledges what we see.
    Forsythe is stuggling because of the toe. 10 Day in order here.

    Bring up Van Slyke and Culberson.

    Forsythe, broken toe.
    Wasn’t Forsythe rushed back from the DL when Turner pulled the hammy?
    “Sell no wine before it’s time”
    It is really, really difficult to convince your brain to ignore/override nerve pain.
    Many small bones and lots of sensitive nerve endings in the foot.
    This right foot is the one Forsythe uses to initiate the action of his lower body when swinging the baseball bat. Forsythe’s season is a mess now.
    For Forsythe’s sake, hope trying to play through this healing broken toe hasn’t created a chronic arthritic condition in his big toe that will dog him for the rest of his days.

    Hernandez is a utility player with a power bat.
    I just don’t raise my expectations that high for Hernandez.
    Anything is better than last year.

    Stealing the bases … Roberts knows which pitchers/catchers to pick on.


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