Hideo Nomo once again on top of a game score leaderboard against an opponent.

Hideo Nomo finds himself on top once again with his two hitter on May 24th, 2003.

Only three Dodgers have managed a game score above 80 against the Brewers on the road. That is kind of light.  Chan Ho Park will probably be sitting on top the strikeout leaderboard against the Brewers on the road. It would kind of hard to top 14 K’s and not put up at least an 80 game score.

Player                  Date Opp  Rslt  IP H ER BB SO GSc
Hideo Nomo        2003-05-24 MIL W 6-0 9.0 2  0  4  8  87
Chan Ho Park      2000-08-29 MIL W 7-2 8.0 1  2  3 14  83
Clayton Kershaw   2013-05-20 MIL W 3-1 9.0 3  1  1  5  81

Provided by Baseball-Reference.com: View Play Index Tool Used
Generated 6/2/2017.


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