Chan Ho Park takes the K leaderboard against Brewers

As expected Chan Ho Park sits on top of the strikeout leaderboard against the Brewers as visitors with his brilliant 14 strikeout performance on August 29, 2000.

What wasn’t expected was Luke Prokopec. Have to be honest I never expected to see Luke on any of these leaderboards, but I guess if John Purdin can make a list so could Luke Prokopec.

Darren Dreifort rounds out the top.

Anyone else surprised that Clayton Kershaw has never struck out ten Brewers on the road? Or Nomo? Or Fernando? They have been around since 1970 so all the great Dodger pitchers except Koufax/Drysdale had a shot at them.

Rob Deer could have accounted for 3 – 4 K’s himself in each game.

Player                  Date Opp  Rslt  IP H ER BB SO GSc
Chan Ho Park      2000-08-29 MIL W 7-2 8.0 1  2  3 14  83
Luke Prokopec     2001-07-25 MIL L 3-4 6.2 6  3  1 11  60
Darren Dreifort   2000-08-30 MIL L 2-3 8.0 4  2  1 11  76

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Generated 6/2/2017.


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  1. Mike Sacha

    Awesome, Phil. I laughed. I loved Luke for a minute or three.


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