Memorial Day

I count myself lucky that while cancer has intervened into the circle of my life, I’ve never had a friend or family member who died in battle. My dad did.  Many of his West Point class of 1950 perished either in Korea or Vietnam.  At 91 next month he may be one of the last men standing from that class.  His brother, thirteen years his junior did two tours of Vietnam. He saw many friends die but as a Vietnam vet, he was able to put that part of his life behind him and move on as best as he could.  My age group was lucky related to Vietnam,  as was my family. The selective draft stopped with only my oldest brother being eligible and his number didn’t come up.

Nephews and nieces have served in the air force but they all came home. One not so safely and is on lifetime disability but at least he came home, was able to start a family.

Yes, I count myself lucky.

I should leave it at that, and I will but with one final thought. Memorial day simply makes me angry and sad, because it just reminds me how the human species will never learn. We will forever be honoring future Memorial days for future wars.  The capacity for the human species to rationalize the killing of their own goes unabated as we head into the 21st century.

In the long run, no one is right, everyone is wrong.


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