OTDIB – May 14th – Chad Billingsley gets screwed

On this date in baseball:

May 14th, 2011  Chad Billingsley didn’t have the best luck in his Dodger career and never was that more in play than on this day.

For the first time since 1914, the Dodgers are defeated after allowing just one hit, losing to the visiting Diamondbacks,1-0. Chad Billingsley, the hard-luck loser, gives up a leadoff double in the second to Stephen Drew, who scores the game’s only run when shortstop Jamey Carroll fails to cover the bag in an attempted pick-off play.

The game above was one the best games ever pitched by Chad who had five game scores over 80 in his Dodger career. I watched Chad lose another game 1 – 0, it was Justin Upton’s debut for the Diamondbacks at the age of 19. He didn’t do anything but a solo home run by the Diamondback catcher was his undoing.

Date         Opp  Rslt  IP H ER BB SO GSc
2012-04-06   SDP W 6-0 8.1 3  0  1 11  87
2011-04-17   STL W 2-1 8.0 3  0  2 11  85
2008-07-30   SFG W 4-0 9.0 5  0  0  8  85
2011-05-14   ARI L 0-1 8.0 1  0  2  8  84
2007-07-01   SDP W 5-0 7.0 3  0  0  9  80

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Generated 5/15/2017.

May 14th, 1981 – Fernando extends FernandoMania one more game

1981 With a 3-2 win over Montreal in front of the largest Dodger Stadium crowd in seven years, rookie sensation Fernando Valenzuela improves his record to 8-0. The 20 year-old southpaw, who has started the season with five shutouts and a minuscule ERA of 0.50, gets the victory when right fielder Pedro Guerrero hits a lead-off game-ending home run off Steve Ratzer in the bottom of the ninth inning at Chavez Ravine.

Fernandomania……….you simply had to be there to understand one of the greatest extended moments in LAD history


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