Roberts thinks it is 1966

and the Dodgers failed to take 1st place away from the Rockies falling in the final game and ending up splitting the series.

Many things happened in this game, and I saw none of them after the 4th inning as I cut out to take my wife to an adult movie.  When I say an adult movie I mean a movie where there are no zombies, superheroes,  or car chases so, of course, we had to find a Laemmle theater for such an offering.

It was just as well. I thought my eyes or ears were deceiving me when I saw Chris Taylor bunt with runners on 1st / 3rd Dodgers up 2 – 0 and only one out.  In Coors.

If served Dave Roberts and the Dodgers right that the bunt ended up being a double play so instead of a big inning the Dodgers bunted their way to zippily do da.

Man, not even Walter Alston in 1966 would have pulled that boner.

When the exact same scenario unfolded in the 3rd I thought this would be a great time to see how many runs the Dodgers can score with 1st/3rd, one out with the exact same hitter. The score was now tied at 3 – 3 and only two innings were in the book so I figured that since it seemed obvious that runs were going to be plentiful that the Dodgers would need to get as many as they could.

But no…………..Chris Taylor tried to bunt. Again. I was flabbergasted. Again it did not work.

At which point I turned off the TV and headed to the movie thinking to myself that Chris Taylor must be hurt because there is no other possible reason for him to be bunting in either situation.  But if he’s hurt, why is he batting 6th? If he is hurt couldn’t they simply have put Hernandez at 2nd? My head started buzzing so I turned it off.

And enjoyed the hell out of the movie. Their Finest – Great flick


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