Alex Wood joins Ramon Martinez

as a double-digit Coors master.  Before the series started I posted the LAD leaderboard in strikeouts at Coors and was surprised to find that Ramon Martinez was the only Dodger to have double-digit strikeouts in a game at Coors.

He is no longer alone after Alex Wood pitched a masterful game on Saturday night. Wood was just continuing the trend he started last Monday when he struck out eleven Pirates. I  will contend that striking out ten Rockies at Coors trumps what he did against the Pirates.

I love a new leaderboard.

Player                  Date Opp    Rslt  IP H ER BB SO GSc
Ramon Martinez    1995-05-05 COL   W 6-4 7.0 4  1  4 11  72
Alex Wood         2017-05-13 COL   W 4-0 6.0 5  0  1 10  71
Clayton Kershaw   2014-06-08 COL   W 6-1 5.0 3  1  0  9  66
Clayton Kershaw   2010-05-30 COL   W 4-3 5.0 4  2  4  9  56
Hideo Nomo        1996-06-30 COL L 15-16 5.0 9  5  4  9  26

Provided by View Play Index Tool Used
Generated 5/14/2017.



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