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Justin Turner inches closer to another homerless April

Last year Justin Turner became the 2nd LAD starting 3rd baseman to ever go homerless in the time frame of March/April.  The key criteria is starting 3rd baseman. Turner is just three games away from turning the same trick in 2017. Given how successful his 2016 season was after not hitting a home run in …

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Can Puig measure up to past LAD age 26 seasons?

The LAD have quite a history of breakout age 26-year-old seasons for outfielders.  I remembered about Kemp and Mondesi but had forgotten about Pedro and Frank Howard until today. When I created this list, little did I expect to see the name of Kal Daniels. For some reason, I thought he was much older when …

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Getting Puigy – LAD OF leaderboard <= age 25

With Puig entering his age 26 season, I wanted to take a look at how he looked among the LAD outfield leaderboard for his age. Using the data from the Baseball Reference play index the following tables are for LAD outfielders 25 or younger. The hit table has Puig number six, just eight above Mike …

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