Schimpf and Schebler – Struggling or Super?

I always have my eye on Scott Schebler simply because I enjoyed him as a prospect and have been rooting hard for him to make it with the Reds. Schimpf had such a bizarre 2016 I was curious how 2017 would turn out for him.

Both of them are having a strange April and by most accounts would be considered struggling hitters. Schimpf finally lost his job, but Schebler seems to have kept his for the time being. Both of them homered yesterday giving them eleven home runs for the season.

Ryan Schimpf has seven hits in seventy-eight plate appearances. If that sounds bad it isn’t, it is horrific. But here is the fun. Four of the seven hits are home runs. Plus he has walked fifteen times in those seventy-eight plate appearances. That is a walk rate of almost 20%. None of them have been intentional. Even though he can’t hit a lick he is getting on base.  A quick look shows that only seven other NL players have had at least 15 walks this year. His BABIP is .091. If bad luck had a name in 2017 it would be Ryan Schimpf.  All of this got him benched yesterday. The Padres brought up Cory Spangenberg to play 3rd base. He wasn’t sent to AAA, his coach said he would still get plenty of chances and that they continue to believe in him. Schimpf bided his time, came off the bench against Fernando Rodney and proceeded to blast a game-winning three-run home run.  I should almost mention that his K rate is 33%.  Oh, he also has nine RBI so he’s averaging more than one RBI per hit. Who doesn’t love that?

Scott Schebler has only fifteen hits in eighty-two plate appearances and just managed to pop over the Mendoza line last night. His value, however, is in what makes up those fifteen hits. Ten of those fifteen hits are for extra bases. Seven of them are home runs. Even with a batting average of .203 and an OBP of .280, that slug% of .527 makes him a dangerous hitter. He also has a BABIP that has to go up. It currently sits at .170 but last year it was .312. My biggest disappointment with Schebler is that his penchant for minor league triples has not transferred to the major league level.  Scotty hit 62 triples in the minors but only two in the majors so far. He also has fifteen RBI, so he’s averaging a RBI for every hit. Who doesn’t love that?


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