Dodgers lose but many things go right tonight

Even with the Dodgers losing a tough one-run game to the Giants tonight, many things outside of their control went right.

The Rockie rotation showed their shaky side as they got lit up for the second straight game by the Nationals.  Overall the Rockies gave up twenty-six runs in two games, with the rotation being responsible for thirteen of those twenty-six runs.

Fernando Rodney blew a save the way that only Fernando Rodney can blow a save. With the Diamondbacks in cruise control holding a 5 – 3 lead, Rodney gave up five runs including a three-run blast by the benched Ryan Schimpf.

These are problems that I expect will continue to plague the two teams the Dodgers have to catch. Even with the Dodgers unable to put together a substantial winning streak, it is only a matter of time before it comes together.

I can imagine many fans saying “Wat” when Joe Davis said that Pedro Baez had an eighteen inning scoreless streak given he seems to hang a home run every few games.  It was hard to believe, what wasn’t hard to believe was the home run that Michael Morse jacked into LF.

Cody Bellinger is off to a rough start and to tell you the truth I like it better when the prospect struggles out of the gate.  Just as long as that struggle is temporary and not a career.

Alex Wood was as good as he has ever been. Six man rotation with Kershaw getting the ball every fifth day, and everyone else working around him? If you can get six innings per start from the six-man rotation you won’t need as many bullpen pieces.

The longer Adrian Gonzalez struggles the more I look forward to his hot streak.



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