Ryu gives Dodgers eighteen outs

but Arenado shows Dodger infielders how to hit a home run.

The highlight of the game was this amazing play by Ryu and Gonzalez as Adrian showed he still has major league reflexes.

Dodger infielders have hit two home runs since opening day both belonging to Cory Seager.

  • Adrian – zero , Forsythe – zero, Turner – zero
  • Grandal has zero home runs since opening day
  • Joc Pederson has zero home runs since opening day.
  • Trevor Story hit one, and Arenado two last night.

Ryu got eighteen outs becoming the first Dodger pitcher outside of Kershaw and McCarthy to accomplish the task. He pitched a solid game but the long ball was his undoing. If only he had the luxury of facing a Dodger lineup that folds up against any left-hand pitcher not named Patrick Corbin.

It is one thing to lose a game to the likes of Jon Lester. It is another to continue to lose to the likes of Clayton Richard, Kyle Freeland (twice), Brett Anderson, and Robbie Ray.

It is not all rocks and rattles, they have managed to beat Tyler Anderson and Patrick Corbin. Anderson starts tonight, maybe they can manage it again.




1 Comment

  1. 68elcamino427

    Ryu just needed those 4+ runs!

    Score for your Starting Pitchers!

    Won’t you please help out and give some runs in your next game?


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