The Halo Way

I missed this game, but on Sunday the Angels had one of the greatest comebacks in team history scoring seven runs in the bottom of the 9th to win 10 – 9. The win put the Angels in 1st place.

Down 9 – 3:

Pujols hits leadoff home run now 9 – 4
Pennington walks
Cron singles
Revere walks
Espinosa hits into fielder’s choice, Penningston scores, 2nd / 3rd now 9 – 5
Maldonado strikes out, two outs, two on, still down 4
Escobar doubles, Cron scores, Revere scores, now 9 -7 with runner on 2nd
Calhoun walks, two on, two out, Mike Trout now represents the winning run
Trout walks, bases loaded, tying runner on 2nd, winning run on 1s, still two outs
Pujols singles to tie the game with Escobar and Calhoun scoring. Pujols has two hits in the inning.
Pennington walks it off with a deep shot to RCF that they call a single. Trout scores the winning run.



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  1. 68elcamino427

    Fuckin Angels

    8 miles from my door step
    And I haven’t been to a game
    In three years

    Drive by the Stadium every trip to BP


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