Extended spring training is loaded

William Boor of MLB.com puts out the whereabouts of the LAD Top 30 prospects. That extended spring training team is loaded
2. Yadier Alvarez — Extended spring training
7. Gavin Lux — Extended spring training
13. Starling Heredia — Extended spring training
16. Imani Abdullah — Extended spring training
17. Josh Sborz — Extended spring training
21. Ronny Brito — Extended spring training
29. Andrew Sopko — Extended spring training

I’d expect Alvarez to end up at Rancho when he is ready. Lux should be targeted for Great Lakes which should get Brandon Davis a promotion to Rancho.

Starling and Brito could be targeted for Odgen or Arizona when short rookie season leagues start up.  Both are in the states for the first time.

Abdullah to Rancho makes sense.  Sborz and Sopko Tulsa?



  1. 68elcamino427

    Just giving some guys on the rosters some time
    to see

    This group is for real


  2. Mike Sacha

    Living in Phoenix for the months of February thru the end of April might be fun. Hang out at the ballpark all day watching the kids. Not a bad idea. Pack up the Miata and meet me there.


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