Trading value?

David Hood at TBLA put up a post ranking the Dodger rookies/prospects by trade value. His number one option to be traded was Alex Verdugo and he gave excellent reasons for ranking him as number one.

1. Alex Verdugo: Talented offensive player that might have more hype than ceiling, a year away from reaching the major leagues, but stuck in a crowded position with the Dodgers. Verdugo might be the most qualified player for this list yet, and last’s year’s number one helped net Rich Hill and Josh Reddick. Verdugo could be a centerpiece to a splash trade at this year’s deadline if need be, with plenty of outfield talent in the system to cover his loss.

For some reason,  my mind keeps imagining Lorenzo Cain in Dodger blue and Alex Verdugo in Royal blue.  Cain is a free agent after 2017 and it is doubtful that he’ll end up signing an extension with the Royals this summer given he’s now 31. If he had been an FA in 2015 after his World Championship season, I expect he’d have backed up the truck.

Cain is a superb CF, who still crushes left-hand pitching. His stat line against LHP the last two years:

.371 .420 .596 1.016
.335 .391 .568 .959

The Dodgers may not need Cain if Gutierrez does his job or Joc starts to hit LHP, but I kind of think neither will and that Cain may start to look enticing by June.


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