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Struggling Loons

Just about one year ago the Dodgers drafted Gavin Lux with their first pick, and twentieth pick overall.  He was considered the best SS in the draft not named Delvin Perez who was picked by the Cardinals with the twenty-third pick.  Perez has yet to play in 2017 and Lux so far in 2017 has …

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Give the people what they want

Ha ha, yesterday someone started following me on twitter for the simple reason I had made a reference  to Dennis Santana.  That got me one of my best responses to a farm report so in that vein here is an in depth report on Dennis Santana the best pitching prospect in the system that no …

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Trading value?

David Hood at TBLA put up a post ranking the Dodger rookies/prospects by trade value. His number one option to be traded was Alex Verdugo and he gave excellent reasons for ranking him as number one. 1. Alex Verdugo: Talented offensive player that might have more hype than ceiling, a year away from reaching the …

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