Hey look, Ronald Torreyes starting SS for the NYY

Old friend Ronald Torreyes has parlayed the injury to Didi Gregorius into the starting SS gig for the NYY.

With the injury to Didi Gregorius, what do you see the Yankees doing at shortstop? And if they go with Tyler Wade at short and he plays well, is there any chance he will take the third-base job when Didi returns?
— Evan P., via e-mail

The Yankees seem to be confident that they can patch the hole from within, and while that might just be posturing, no trade appears imminent. The Yanks eliminated one candidate after Sunday’s game, reassigning Ruben Tejada to Minor League camp, and eliminated another, Wade, who was reassigned after Tuesday night’s game. Joe Girardi strongly indicated that the shortstop job will go to Ronald Torreyes in the interim.

Torreyes was traded by the Dodgers on Jan 12th, 2016 for Rob Segedin. Torreyes was the ultimate utility player in 2016, playing 2b, SS, 3rd, and RF.  When Chase Headley got hurt Torreyes stepped in to play 3rd base and acquited himself very well, putting up a .780 OPS in 30 games at the position.



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