Mitch White impresses Keith Law


A couple of notes on Mitch White and Julio Urias.  Typically the Dodgers do poorly with second round picks but they may have gotten a gem this time. Keith Law chimed in on what he saw this week:

White went with the 65th overall pick in that draft, but if teams redrafted today, he might go in the top five overall.

Did that get your attention? How about this?

White threw two innings in the Dodgers’ first Double-A game of the spring on Monday and was 95-97 with above-average fastball life and a plus slider at 88-90 mph. The slider has hard, big downward break, and he also shows a true curveball at 81-83 that has some power to it, although I think the slider is the better pitch.

Julio Urias is no longer a prospect but he is just 20. Doug Thorburn of Rotowire had this say about him.

I have seen Urias morph his delivery twice in two years, add five mph to his fastball in the course of a single season and show off the best quick pick-off move in baseball, in which the southpaw steps off the rubber with his back foot and makes a snap-throw to first base. His developmental acumen is off the charts, his right-now talent is good enough to carve hitters in the bigs



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