Dodgers renew Seager

According to Jon Heyman the LAD renewed their superstar shorstop  for $575,000. They had an opportunity to reward Seager with the largest second-year renewal in baseball but decided to give Seager a modest raise. For some context,  the Cubs gave Kris Bryant $625,000 after his 2015 season. Byrant had a great rookie season but he wasn’t a top three MVP player, only 11th:)  I guess the Cubs felt the larger than normal raise for a ROY was a down payment on the fact they screwed him out of millions by letting him have only 171 service days in 2015 instead of 172.

For whatever reason,  I can’t really explain I had been hoping that Seager would top that $625,000 and get rewarded for having one of the greatest rookie seasons in Dodger history.  As it is, he’s already arguably the best 22-year-old in Dodger history and easily the best LAD 22-year-old position player.  Well not easily. Adrian Beltre has his own argument and would win if you were using bWAR to the bar.

Player            OPS+   PA From   To   Age  OPS     Pos
Jimmy Sheckard     169  609 1901 1901 22-22 .944   *7/58
Pete Reiser        145  843 1940 1941 21-22 .903 *8/59H6
Corey Seager       142  800 2015 2016 21-22 .892   *6/H5
Zack Wheat         123  783 1909 1910 21-22 .748    *7/8
Casey Stengel      115  577 1912 1913 21-22 .762    *8/9
Willie Crawford    111  689 1964 1969 17-22 .716   H7/98
Ed Stevens         111  591 1945 1947 20-22 .754    *3/H
Duke Snider        110  876 1947 1949 20-22 .804  *8/H97
Willie Davis       109 1140 1960 1962 20-22 .784    *8/H
Ron Fairly         106  690 1958 1961 19-22 .796  9/H837
Red Smith          105  679 1911 1912 21-22 .733      *5
Adrian Beltre      100 1918 1998 2001 19-22 .765   *5/H6
Bill Buckner       100  860 1969 1972 19-22 .697  *9/3H7

Provided by View Play Index Tool Used
Generated 3/14/2017.

Doing some extra research it is well known that Mike Trout was renewed at the minimum. How about Albert Pujols? In 2001 he exploded on baseball and was ROY along with a top 4 MVP vote receiver. In 2002 his page shows he earned $600,000 which was a lot more than the minimum in 2002. I keep hearing about precedent, I’ve found Kris Bryant and Albert Pujols.

Just saying


  1. 68elcamino427

    This is about the established players in the union short sheeting the next generation.
    It is pretty common.
    As far as the players went with the Reserve Clause
    These arcane rules that limit the young, beginning player’s freedom
    Are really just a reserve clause extention
    A reserve clause hybrid

    No draft,
    immediate free agency
    Year to year contracts with pay tied to incentives and production.
    Like this will ever happen.


    • 68elcamino427

      If a team pays way over the norm for a new up and coming player today
      The union will argue that this should be the new norm


      • I’ve heard that, but this is fairly unique unless it becomes the new normal. Until Correa/Bryant/Seager those kind of debut season seasons were of the Trout/Pujols/Lynn variety. One every 15 years or so. Though I guess you could aruge that Puig’s 2013 ranks right up there. Maybe it is the new normal. Kids come ready to rock.


      • 68elcamino427

        The game will tilt back towards youth.
        Until a new undetectable substance that keeps old guys on the field like the roids do
        Is discovered

        And, the youngsters might be getting better instruction now
        As compared to the old days

        Swinging the baseball bat has undergone a lot of study
        Since The Science of Hitting was published


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