I’m enjoying the WBC but some of my fellow Americans might think I’m a tad unpatriotic because I simply can’t find it in me to root for the US team. Watching little countries bring down big countries has always made my heart smile.  Of course,  when a country like the DR has a lineup that looks like an all-star game with some future HOF talent in it, it isn’t exactly David versus Goliath, but it still tickled my fancy when Cruz crushed Miller in the 8th tonight.

Venditte doesn’t appear to be very good no matter which arm he uses.

Only in the WBC can the backup catcher on a major league team knock out the starting catcher on the same major league team. Rough way to get the starting gig.

Eric Gagne actually pitched well getting six outs. He was brought into a tough situation with the bases loaded and walked the first hitter but escaped with allowing only one runner to score. Could be a kick in the pants if Gagne really could hook up with a major league team after not pitching in the majors since 2008. Normally I’d laugh/scoff at his chances but after watching Rich Hill come back anything is possible.

Lindor hit two home runs for Puerto Rico tonight and the first was a monster shot




  1. 68elcamino427

    I just am not able to take the WBC seriously.
    At a few places in Brea, like the city hall and the car wash there are pictures displayed of the old barnstorming tour with Babe Ruth and others who played a game in “The Brea Bowl”, which was located near where Berry Ave. ends at Lambert Rd.
    These WBC games remind me of this.
    Not that there is anything wrong with the fun it can bring.
    It just doesn’t hold my interest very long.


  2. Baseball is a continuum, EC, not isolated memories.

    We are always reminded that we have all been here before, and it will will happen again : )


  3. Get on board EC, and enjoy the competition, some great games today. Columbia almost pulled off a major upset.


    • 68elcamino427

      I did watch some of the Canada USA game for a few innings yesterday afternoon.

      It was pretty good for a while.

      I’ll try to do better 🙂


  4. I haven’t watched much of the North American teams. The Latin America and Far East teams have put together the best squads they could with Major League approval and they are fun to watch for me. Israel and Italy crack me up so I’ll root for them in any game.


    • 68elcamino427

      I just felt guilty
      Turned on the MLB channel
      And that game happened to be on

      But today



  5. Yeah, that was bullshit, especially if someone told Mexico they only needed to win by two runs. Looks like Romo is what kept the Mexican team from playing tonight, pretty bad inning.


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