McCarthy stamps while regulars rake

Last night Brandon McCarthy and the Dodgers expected to be part of the opening day lineup laid waste to the Rangers. McCarthy pitched the best three innings of the spring among those battling for a spot in the rotation.  Granted he did it against an AAA Texas Ranger lineup but it still had encouraging signs. Six groundouts and three strikeouts for all nine outs. Zero walks for a pitcher who couldn’t find the plate last summer.

Other Pitching Highlights:

  • Brandow Morrow struck out the side in his bid to make the bullpen
  • Julio Urias threw two shutout innings.
  • Jacob Rhame did his best to separate himself from Josh Ravin by pitching a scoreless 9th, while Josh Ravin was the only blemish on the night giving up four hits and two runs in his one inning of work.

Hitting Highlights:

  • The regulars Forsythe, Puig, Turner, Grandal, and Pederson went a combined 9 for 11.
  • Puig hit two home runs and walked in his three plate appearances
  • Forsythe was also perfect with three singles from the lead off spot
  • Turner could only manage to get on base twice in his three at-bats
  • Grandal was given four at-bats and got on base in three of them. Surprisingly two of them were singles.
  • Gutierrez finally got on the spring board by hitting a home run in the 1st inning. That was however his only hit as he continues to struggle this spring.




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  1. 68elcamino427

    Very happy for McCarthy.
    We, and he, have seen just a brief glimpses of how effective he might be.
    First in his Dodgers debut and again last night.
    “Stay healthy, my friend”

    Puig looks to have made his swing more compact, more “turning his body in the tube”.
    The hands are more quiet, initially moving with the body rotation, then firing out in unison with his hips and shoulders, like the gate hinge. Puig has struggled with drift in the past.
    It looks like he has been talking to Turner
    We will see how it lasts and how it translates against the more skilled pitchers.
    Especially those with higher velocity.
    This could be the time things are coming together for Puig. As a player and a person.
    I hope so, I love the guy.

    Forsythe, wow, as advertised! Lex will be happy.

    Urias, my “Lefty Pedro”.
    What a player!
    20 years old …

    This year’s team might be like a Yankees team from the 50s and 60s.
    My eldest always says that Roberts reminds him of one of those guys from the 50s,
    Says Roberts demeanor reminds him of Pee Wee Reese..
    It’s a good vibe.


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