Rymer Liriano tries to get his career back


You could understand if Rymer Liriano felt apprehension as he got ready to play the first game of the spring against the Dodgers.

On March 21st, almost a year ago,  Rymer Liriano was doing his best to make the Brewer opening day roster and begin the next stage of his career.  One Dodger Matt West fastball later his face was crushed and his Brewer career over.

Liriano was once a fairly highly touted prospect in the Padre organization, rising as high as 49 in the 2012 Baseball America prospect rankings. That would put him on par with Alex Verdugo prospect ranking wise. Baseball prospectus had him as high as 39. Injuries kept Liriano from meeting those expectations and the Padres released him after the 2015 season. The Brewers scooped him up, and many expected him to make the Brewer team in the spring of 2016.

With his face crushed, Liriano lost all of the 2016 baseball season, and the Brewers released him in October.  The Chicago White Sox picked him up and he hopes to restart his career with a team in full rebuild mode.

I only write about this because it just struck me yesterday as I was watching the first spring Dodger game how quickly these players come and go. Yesterday news is exactly that. One errant pitch is all it takes to change a career arc.

One pitch.

Bet no one even knows where Matt West is these days.

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