Will 2017 serve up anything close to the pleasant surprises of 2016?

With spring training about to go full bore this week I was thinking about where we were last year at this time and the shocking developments of 2016.

No one could have predicted that the following players would impact 2016:
Brock Stewart – Single A pitcher – Climbed from A to AA to AAA to the majors and pitched one of the best games against the World Champion Cubs anyone threw all year.
Andrew Toles – Single A outfielder, missed all of 2015 – Climbed from A to AA to AAA to the majors and was the Dodgers starting Left Fielder in the postseason.
Charlie Culberson – fighting for a utility role – would hit the coolest home run of 2017 for the Dodgers

or that

Carlos Ruiz – big time hit in the postseason
Will Venable – ugh
Chris Taylor – one of the biggest offensive games of the season as a Dodger

would get at bats

or that

Howie Kendrick would get more starts in LF than anyone else

or that

Puig would get sent to AAA on August 1st ( maybe you could have predicted that)

or that

Urias would get a start in May  (OK, I did predict that)

What shocks will 2017 bring?


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