The Mike Trout decade

Once again going to the well and using data provided by Bobby Down to show the best fWAR for position players this decade.

Clayton Kershaw owns the decade for pitchers and Mike Trout for hitters. How lucky have Los Angeles fans been to have the two best players in baseball playing for them?

Trout skipped the first two years of the decade and still holds an almost 20% lead over future HOF Miggy Cabrera. I’m guessing Harper was first in 2015 but he did not make the list. Otherwise, Trout has generated the most fWAR every year he’s played as a regular in the major leagues.

They all there one way or another. Trout does it with bat/glove, Miggy with bat alone, Beltre with glove first bat second. Anyone surprised to see Heyward on this list? Cub fans might be. Braun is extremely low.

And Bobby, where the hell is Matt Kemp:) I may have to show a decade of RBI to get Matt into the top ten. At least top 12 anyway.  23. 2 fWAR for Mr Kemp so at least he’s within a stone’s throw.

No Dodgers to be found, I’d have thought Adrian Gonzalez would have made it. Now I have to question if Bobby did this right.

Josh Donaldson has done some amazing work in a short amount of time.

Future HOF on this list might be Trout, Miggy, Beltre, Cano, Posey. Maybe McCutchen if he doesn’t crater out as so many CF do. Anyone else? Votto might have to get in via the Rock Raines way.

Holy cow is that Alex Gordon with 25.5 fWAR. That glove sure earned some fWAR because it sure wasn’t his bat.




  1. 68elcamino427

    Mike Trout was my mom’s favorite baseball player.
    I used to tell her that she loved him like a son
    And see would look at me, smile and say “You’re Right!”

    My mom passed peacefully in her sleep on the night of February 6.
    I was with her.
    She was a great mom.


  2. So sorry to hear that Gary. The best to you and your family.


  3. 68elcamino427

    Thank you Phil

    Born in 1919, she lived a full and wonderful life, no regrets:)


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