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What’s next? Cutch or Cain?

With the trade of the three onerous contracts this weekend the Dodgers have opened up some financial flexibility for 2018 even as they hope to stay under the luxury tax and reset the fines that MLB has been hitting the team with ever since they decided to be the $250M pound gorilla of major league baseball. Eric Stephen as always does a …

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The Mike Trout decade

Once again going to the well and using data provided by Bobby Down to show the best fWAR for position players this decade. Clayton Kershaw owns the decade for pitchers and Mike Trout for hitters. How lucky have Los Angeles fans been to have the two best players in baseball playing for them? Trout skipped …

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Pirates preview – June 24th, 2016

You can count on one thing, the LAD will probably see a bit of Sean Rodriquez who fills in everywhere. Sean has played at least one game at every position except catcher. Earlier we talked about the Pirates June swoon. Now let’s focus on the actual team the Dodgers will be playing the next four …

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