Pitching fWAR last ten years

A couple of weeks ago I reviewed fWAR for pitchers in this decade courtesy of Bobby Down’s research. Today we will take a look at the last ten years and once again it was Bobby Down who did the heavy lifting. I’m just here to make pithy comments about the list.

There was no doubt that Clayton Kershaw would be the top fWAR earner for this decade but what about the last ten years? Remember he didn’t start pitching until 2008 and wasn’t a full-time pitcher until 2009.

Yup, there he is on top anyway with 53.5 fWAR. The chart below gives you the total fWAR for each pitcher over the past ten years (2007 – 2016) and if they had a top ten finish in fWAR.

Justin Verlander is the top AL pitcher. Kind of cool in this day of moving on that the top three pitchers have all pitched for the same team their whole career. Kershaw – Dodgers, Verlander – Tigers, and King Felix – Seattle.  Verlander had a first and two 2nd place finishes. King Felix with nary a one 1st place finish. Shocking to me.

Kershaw’s pitching buddy from 2013-2015 ranks number four and has one 1st place finish back in 2009.

How about Cole Hamels? He never had a top ten finish but still manages to accrue the 6th most fWAR over the last ten years.

Ha ha, Ubaldo Jiminez is number 21.

Roy Halladay hasn’t pitched in three years but still managed to finish 12th. Cliff Lee hasn’t pitched in two years and clocked in at 7th.

Biggest surprise on this list if it isn’t Ubaldo? Maybe Gio again?

I would have expected John Lackey to be higher.

Ex-Dodgers on this list include Grienke, Haren, Nolasco, and old friend Kuroda.

Nolasco??? Okay, he’s the biggest surprise.



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