Morrow is today

I have a long history of liking injury prone pitchers and rarely do they pay off.

  • Josh Johnson
  • Brett Anderson
  • Ben Sheets
  • Brandon Morrow

are the four who come to mind and all of them left me looking silly. I have to keep that in mind as I continue to hope that Ryu can defy the injury odds and come back.

The Dodgers have decided to play my game. They just added long injured Brandon Morrow to the stable of oft-injured pitchers trying to help the Dodgers in 2017.


Morrow who always seemed to have the stuff of a bullpen pitcher instead of a starter will be trying to make the Dodgers major league bullpen this spring. At one time Morrow had as electric stuff as any in baseball but after making the 2015 Padre roster as the fifth starter his shoulder caused him to miss almost two years. Sound familiar? In his case it was a shoulder impingement,  not a torn labrum but he has a checkered health history nonetheless.

Morrow made five starts in 2015 before being shut down on May 2nd. He would not pitch again for the Padres in 2015. Those five starts were good though, at least four of the five were.

May 2014 he suffered a torn tendon sheath in his right hand and missed four months, pitching just five innings in September.

After suffering an arm injury in May 2013 he was finally diagnosed in July with an entrapped radial nerve and would miss the rest of the season.

June 2012, Morrow suffered an oblique strain and would not pitch again until August 25th. He last start on Oct 3rd against the Twins shows why he kept getting chance after chance. Eight innings, eleven strikeouts, one walk, three hits, one earned run.

Morrow is the perfect NRI, a guy who when healthy can help but you get him for almost nothing because he can rarely stay healthy long enough to help.






  1. 68elcamino427

    Bless the hearts of all of these pitchers who keep trying in the face of some pretty severe adversity.

    Be it desire to play the game.
    Desire to make money.
    Desire to fulfill dreams held close to their hearts for many years.

    It is a powerful force always best used for good.



  1. More needs to be made of Morrow | Dodgers, Yesterday and Today

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