He pitched his guts out!

I’m stealing this line from my friend Gary regarding Frias and his long-running oblique injury in 2016 which eventually sealed the deal for his DFA this past week to make room for our new minor league right-hand hitting outfielder Brent Eibner

Frias was once mentioned in a fangraphs article by Carson Cistulli which felt he could be quite the sleeper. Those who read the article felt they had something, but like many sleepers, he never woke up and the Frias Dodger legacy was never fulfilled.

Eibner will be joining Darin Ruf, Scott Van Slyke, Enrique Hernandez, and Trayce Thompson as right-handed hitting outfielders. Much like Trayce Thompson, Eibner comes to the Dodgers with the reputation as a good defensive outfielder who can hit left-hand pitching.  Given the healthy history of Ruff/SVS/Thompson having Eibner as minor league depth seems like a good idea.


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