Dozier and Dodger infield dingers

If the Dodgers do trade for Dozier, and re-sign Justin Turner they will have a good shot at hitting 100 home runs as an infield.

The last Dodger infield to hit 100 home runs was in 2004. That was mostly due to Adrian Beltre who belted 48 home runs. Shawn Green hit 22 home runs as a 1st baseman (28 total), Jose Hernandez hit 11 as an infielder (14 total), Alex Cora hit all 10 of his as a 2nd baseman, Saenz hit 4 as a 1st baseman(8 total), Ventura hit 2 (5 Total), Izturis hit 4 and thus the total was 101 dingers.

Those four by Izturis were a career high. The 48 by Beltre was also a career high. But the difference between Izzy’s 4 and his next best was two. For Beltre, his next best was 36 in 2012.

The 1979 infield was something else. Garvey, Lopes, and Cey all hit 28 home runs. They all hit them only as infielders. Lopes hit his career high with those 28, his next best was 17. Bill Russell chipped in 7 giving them a season total of 91. Mickey Hatcher is listed as an infielder and hit one home run, but it was as a right fielder so no go for Mickey.

The 2016 infield would appear to be the 3rd best. Justin Turner hit 26 as a 3rd baseman (one as a pinch hitter). That was of course,  his career high, with 16 being his previous best. Cory Seager hit all 26 of his home runs as a shortstop. Also his career high:). Adrian Gonzalez hit all 18 of his home runs as a 1st baseman. Not a career high. That 18 tied him for the lowest home run total since becoming a full-time 1st baseman in 2006. Chase Utley hit 14 home runs all as a second baseman. Howie hit one home run as 2nd baseman and one home run as 3rd baseman. Enrique Hernandez hit one home run as a 2nd baseman. Rob Segedin hit one HR as a 3rd baseman. Charlie Culberson, of course, hit his infamous home run as a second baseman, and Chris Taylor almost cycled with his lone home run as a second baseman. I think that gets them to 90

So to make it pretty

2004 – 101

1979 –   91

2016 –   90

Of course,  neither Dozier or Turner is part of the 2017 LAD infield but if they were it wouldn’t take too much imagination to see

Adrian – 22

Dozier – 30

Seager – 28

Turner – 20

Giving the starters 100 home runs, and maybe a handful from the bench.

It won’t be Rizzo / Baez / Russell / Bryant  but it will do.



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  1. 68elcamino427

    Seager is gonna hit 30+ in 2017!


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