1958 – 58

For some reason, I was looking forward to turning 58 this year having been born in 1958. On Turkey Day it became official. All year I’ve thought of myself as 58 years old so turning 58 was just an after thought.

The LAD were 58 years old this year. It is strange comfort to know I’ll always be as old as the LAD are.  I started this blog because I wanted to write again without any constraints about what I could write about. Most of the time I’ve been true to the name of the blog but I have tended to go off script and I enjoy doing that.

Since I started writing again in May I feel I’ve been fairly consistent  putting out Dodger content that is a tad different from the other Dodger blogs, or at least with a different mindset. Still,  with so many Dodger blogs it is hard to differentiate yourself and I’ve failed to do that.

I appreciate Gary popping over and leaving his comments, I wish I had a boatload of Gary’s but I have only the one.  It would have been fun to build a little group of readers but that hasn’t happened. I think my target audience doesn’t use twitter, or it could simply be that my writing simply isn’t interesting enough for people when they already have so many other excellent options. Either way, I have no more consistent readers today than I did back in May.

Which is a catch -22 for me. Not having many readers allows me to indulge myself in writing whatever I want, but I’ll admit that when I feel I’ve written something good, it does bother me that few will read it. Ego’s are annoying.

The LAD 58th birthday had a good run, hopefully,  I will also.




  1. Roberty Down jr

    My family moved to Canoga Park in December of 1957, so I too have an early connection with the LAD. The transistor radios that were tuned in to Vinnie at the games, and using those same radios under the covers at night to listen to the late games were all part of the little things that young Dodger fans did back in the day.
    I never got to go to a game at the Coliseum, but when they moved to Chavez Ravine, we scrimped and saved to get the 75 cents it cost to sit in the Pavillion. (We also watched the Angels, who were co-tenants at the time.)
    Anyway, Happy belated Birthday, Phil. And many more. Keep writing!


  2. 68elcamino427

    Happy Birthday young fella!

    You are doing great!

    Keep going towards what you want.

    Many times I have wondered why others are missing out on the good stuff you are creating.

    dodgersyat.com … that’s what comes up as the name when go ogling.
    It’s all about Branding!

    Dodgersyat with Philly!

    Keep up the good work!


  3. Thanks Gary, I may start to take us places we’ve never been.


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