Did we learn anything?

a few things.

Evidently,  David Ross is very revered. Who knew? Maybe the greatest backup catcher of his generation, but still a backup catcher.  Most Dodger fans simply know him as the guy who sucked after Depodesta traded Paul LoDuca and failed to get a replacement catcher who wanted to play for the Dodgers.  He had about as big an up and down day any backup catcher can have. He was brought in when Lester was brought in and quickly threw a ball down the line on a nubber. Was hit in the head by an errant pitch from Lester, fell over, and was unable to get a runner out at home who scored from second base on the wild pitch.  But then he hit a home run to dead center. His last hit as a baseball player was a home run in game seven of a game his team would win for the Championship.  Even Ted Williams didn’t go out that way.

2nd baseman still try to catch the ball barehanded and give away a sure out at 2nd base. The veteran Chase Utley did it in a key moment, and the kid Baez did it again.

You can overuse your bullpen ace, have it blow up in your face, and still win a world championship

I saw a designated thrower inserted into RF for the first time I could remember. I was so hoping to see a fly ball to RF instead of Baez striking out trying to squeeze with two strikes.

For all the talk about running on the Cubs and Lester, no one ran on Lester.

Jon Lester is the most one-dimensional pitcher I’ve ever seen. He not only won’t throw to 1st base from the mound, he won’t throw to 2nd on a ground ball, he underhands to 1st base, and unless the ball is hit right at him refuses to field his position.  And yet with all that, he’s awesome.

Anthony Rizzo is a fun goofball

Jason Heyward only seems to have one skill left at the age of 26 and that is playing defense.

Kyle Schwarber continues to be one of my favorite players to watch strike a baseball

The Cubs won the World Series without Schwarber all year, and Jason Hayward missing in action with the bat.

Carlos Santana was exactly what I hoped him to be. Amazing eye, hits the ball hard, hits into bad luck, is a good teammate.  Led the World Series in walks with six.

The best team finally won but it took seven games and one extra inning.

These are the AL World Series starters over the past three years. In those three years, they have won a Championship in five games, and taken the NL to seven games only to lose both times.

2014 – James Shields, Ventura, Guthrie, Vargas, Shields, Ventura, Guthrie

2015 – Volquez, Cueto, Ventura, Chris Young, Cueto

2016 – Kluber, Bauer, Tomlin, Kluber, Bauer, Tomlin, Kluber

By 2016 Shields was one of the worst pitchers in baseball, Ventura struggled all year, Guthrie was out of baseball, and Vargas made three three starts.  Chris Young was fighting James Shields for worst pitcher in baseball.

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