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Grandal and Barnes ruling fWAR

There are many reasons why the Dodgers are the best team in the NL. One of them is the Dodger catching tandem.  A few days ago I read an article on Beyond the Box Score that suggested Austin Barnes could be used as an important trade chip.  In the article by Austin Yamada he went over …

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Did we learn anything?

a few things. Evidently,  David Ross is very revered. Who knew? Maybe the greatest backup catcher of his generation, but still a backup catcher.  Most Dodger fans simply know him as the guy who sucked after Depodesta traded Paul LoDuca and failed to get a replacement catcher who wanted to play for the Dodgers.  He …

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David Ross shoves Bob Boone aside

Driving home from the exhilarating Dodger game I had a hard time finding the Cub/Giant game but finally zeroed in on .830 on the AM dial to hear Dan Schulman and Aaron Boone.  A few minutes later Ex-Dodger David Ross slugged a home run and the only thing notable about it was that it had tied …

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