Good time for the FO manuevering to pay off

The Dodger front office has their hands all over this fifth game. Their top trade deadline acquisition will be starting and trying to prove that trading three pitching prospects for a blister on a hill was the right move. All Rich Hill has to do is what he did last Sunday but for more than twelve outs.  Or maybe twelve outs is all they need today as long as it is a great twelve outs.

If Hill stumbles again many fans will be pointing to the nice Sept that Mr. Cotton had for the A’s, and Cotton was the least hyped of the three prospects sent to the A’s. The FO certainly had to make a move for a rotation piece, but unless Rich Hill can win one of his two starts in the NLDS, you have to question if they got the right piece.

For some reason, the Dodger front office put Julio Urias on the postseason roster as the fourth starter. Which might have made sense if they had used him in Sept like a fourth starter instead of doling out a start here and there while limiting his innings. Urias made four starts in Sept but only three after Sept 5th, and in none of those starts was he allowed to go beyond 11 outs. I think to be a post season option you have to be stretched out beyond 11 outs.

I’m a little befuddled by my friends and bloggers who think Urias can simply pull a five-inning game out of his little used 20-year-old arm. Not just a five-inning game, but an effective five-inning game.  Today, Urias will be the emergency pitcher if Rich Hill blows out early, either by blisters, punching walls, or home runs. Can’t say I’m thrilled that the emergency pitcher is someone who last pitched 15 days ago, and all of three innings when he did. My expectations if Urias were to pitch would be to see a very rusty and wild twenty – year – old trying to save a team’s season. Seems too much to ask and I would not expect success. I’ve been his biggest fan, but this does not seem to be the right time.

This is how I hope this game plays out:

Hill – four shutout innings, gives up two singles in fifth, Lobaton up.
Baez – strikes out Espinosa, Lobaton, Scherzer to finish fifth
Dodger score one run in top of 6th
Baez starts 6th, strikes out Turner, Dayton replaces Baez
Dayton strikes out Harper, Roberts replaces Dayton with Fields
Fields gives up a double to Werth, walks Murphy, Roberts replaces Fields with Blanton
Blanton strikes out Rendon to finish the 6th
Dodgers score one run in top of 7th
Blanton strikes out Zimmerman / Espinosa / Lobaton
Dodger score one run in top of 8th on a pinch-hit RBI, Murphy makes key error
Avilan into pitch, Nationals send up Heisey to pinch hit. Avilan gets him on a deep fly ball to CF
Turner gets an infield hit. Avilan walks Harper
KJ comes in to face Werth. Epic at-bat after 10 pitches ends with a DP rocket to Turner to Chase to Adrian
Dodgers go quietly in 9th.
Murphy leads off 9th with a double
Rendon gets an infield single
Zimmerman hits into a DP, Murphy scores.
Espinosa strikes out

On to Chicago


1 Comment

  1. 68elcamino427

    Cotton said that the Ads had him make an adjustment when they picked him up.
    Certainly no one predicted that Cotton would perform on the MLB stage so effectively.
    Hat tip to the Ads and Cotton for figuring it out, otherwise, had he stayed in the Dodgers system, it’s more likely that Cotton would be on the AZ Fall leauge roster now than the Dodgers playoff roster.

    Hill will perform in tonight’s game. He has seen it all and knows what needs to be done.
    Keep moving forward.
    Go toward what you want.


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