The absolute best thing about the Giants losing

was that I won’t have to listen to whiny Dodger fans explain how lucky the Giants are over and over to justify how they and the Cardinals have pretty much owned National League 21st century baseball.

How lucky have the Giants and Cardinals been in the 21st century?

Three World Championships for the Giants, Two World Championships for the Cardinals

Four World Series appearances for the Giants, Four World Series appearances for the Cardinals

If anyone has ruined postseason baseball more for me it has been the Giants. Not because they have won their Championships, and the Dodgers have not, but because the whole “the postseason is a crapshoot” has become such a common comment now to explain away the success of teams in the postseason.  Winners never use that comment only losers.

It is such a cop out.

I enjoy the Dodgers beating the Giants when it means something. I guess the rivalry simply isn’t as strong with me because in my formative baseball years the Reds/Houston/Braves were the teams we had to beat. Rarely was it the Giants.

Maybe it is the internet, or maybe it is the success of the Giants, but the hatred Dodger fans feel for the Giants these days seems all out of proportion.  The success of the Giants has only affected me in one way. I can no longer win friendly arguments with Giant fans by talking about our World Championships because they now have not one, not two, but three. That is annoying. But that is about it.

I’d rather spend my time worrying about my team’s success then what my rival is doing. Most of all I wanted to play the Giants in the postseason a la the Red Sox / Yankee postseason rivalry that has sprung up since Wild Card play was introduced.

A good many Dodger fans who hate the Giants expressed their fear of facing them in the postseason.  I have a name for those fans.



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  1. 68elcamino427

    The rivalry between the Dodgers and the Giants began when both teams called NYC home.

    The teams did a good job of maintaining it when they both moved to the West Coast.

    As time has passed, the years rolling by, the intensity of the rivalry is different.

    I think that free agency has a lot to do with it. In the days of the reserve clause the only way a player moved off a team roster was by trade, release, or retirement. Having the same groups stirring the pot in each clubhouse year after year surely must have helped in amplifying discord with the opposition.

    When Jackie Robinson was traded from the Dodgers to the Giants, he decided to retire rather than Don a Giants uni.

    Meanwhile, Gil Hodges went back to NY in the expansion draft.
    In 1969, he won another ring.
    As the Manager of the Amazin’ Mets.


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