Dodgers end season on a red note

allowing the Giants to enter the postseason without even having to play the Cardinals for the right to do so.

Starting the same three pitchers who will try to beat the Nationals, the Dodgers failed to win even one game losing by a combined scored of 19 – 4.  The starters only gave up nine of those nineteen runs, and the bullpen expected to be in play for the postseason only gave up two of those nineteen runs.

Does it mean anything? maybe, maybe not. Still seems clear the Dodgers have a distinct disadvantage when facing LHP but that was known long before the final week of the season.

The important thing is that the ridiculous thing called Sept baseball is over and as we get ready for October baseball the Dodgers will only get to use the normal regulation of 25 players . No more leaning on the crutch of 20 pitchers.

The Dodgers announced yesterday that Andre Ethier has made the postseason roster. Toles was already announced earlier in the week. The outfield is now set with Joc, Reddick, Toles, Puig, and Andre. Add in Howie you have six outfielders. Does that leave a spot for Kike Hernandez? Hernandez had started every game that a LHP started that he was on the active roster until yesterday.  Hernandez ended the season with one of the worst seasons ever for a LAD outfielder with at least 200 plate appearances.





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