Light-hitting infielder Jedd Gyorko saves Cardinals

by hitting his 30th home run and capping the 8th inning comeback victory for the Cardinals to keep them in the NL Wild Card race. It was quite an at-bat by Gyorko who appeared to be struck out on a 2- 2 pitch, but it was ruled a ball and he had new life and took advantage of it.

Gyorko’s big fly was noteworthy for several reasons. At 100.23 mph, Rivero’s pitch to Gyorko was the third-fastest pitch hit for a home run this season. Only Kurt Suzuki, who homered on a 102.37-mph pitch thrown by Aroldis Chapman, and Coco Crisp, who took a 100.35-mph pitch from Matt Bush over the fence, have hit home runs on faster pitches in 2016.

With one game to go the Cardinals need to win today, and the Dodgers to win today to force a playoff game with Giants for the right to play a play-in game with the Mets.

The odds look good for the Cardinals in their game as they have Wainwright matched up against Vogelsong.  On the Dodger/Giant side,  it is a toss up with Maeda going against Moore. The Giants acquired Moore for just this reason, and it looks very possible,  that Moore will pitch the Giants into a 50/50 chance for the postseason. Moore almost no-hit the Dodgers earlier this year but was also lit up by them in his last start against them.

Back to Gyorko the Cardinal utility infielder started the season with no job but found himself playing 3rd when Peralta got hurt.


How is this for insane symmetry, with one game left in the season Goryko has played 27 games at 1st, 2nd, SS, and 3rd.

In only 127 games he has 30 home runs.   Gyorko is the only player in 2016 to hit 30 home runs in less than 450 plate appearances. We have to go to 500 plate appearances to find someone else, and that is Evan Gattis with 32 home runs in 499 plate appearances.


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