Dozen is the number

All three NL wild card teams scored twelve runs last night, and all three won their games, keeping everything status quo for now.

Mets still lead the Giants by 1/2 a game, with the Cardinals just one game back of the Giants.

The scores weren’t really a surprise when you consider the Rockies used rookie German Marquez, and the Reds went with rookie Robert Stephenson. This is Sept baseball so while the teams looking to next year,  try out some of their 2017 options, the teams in the race will be using Matt Moore, and Adam Wainwright. The Mets threw their ace Thor at Koehler and had predictable results.

Today will be a little different with the Mets using their own rookie Lugo, and the Giants getting to face Tyler Chatwood who continues to tap dance his way to a sub 2.00 ERA when pitching on the road. Smarter people than myself keep telling me that his road work is a mirage and it will come crashing down, but last I looked it is Sept 28th, which means he kept up his mirage all year long. I guess he’ll either normalize tonight or next year.

This might be the night the Cardinals catch up.

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