See you on the radio, Charlie

If you think this column is about Charley Steiner you’d be dead wrong. It is about someone who is famous for his radio show, and who grew up an avid baseball fan on the East Coast, but it is not that Charley.

It wasn’t just Vin Scully saying goodbye this weekend, long time Sunday Morning host Charles Osgood also said so long it was good to know you.

It is strange for me to realize I’m an old fogey, considering I first heard this song by X when they would perform as the Knitters. I’m a far cry from my head banging days. Though I did see X and Los Lobos a few weeks ago.

Now I watch Sunday Morning, used to listen to Garrison Keillor and his A Prairie Home Companion on the way to Saturday Night Clipper or Dodger games. Even caught the show at the Hollywood bowl.

In the same year three entertainment icons, Garrison Keillor, Charles Osgood, and Vin Scully have all retired. Better they retire than pass away, I hope they all echo what Vin said when asked what he was going to do? “I’m going to live”

A commonality would appear to run through these three men.  They all seem to love to sing, are very musical, and have a grounded way about them, that makes them seem accessible to the common person. They are all men who came from humble beginnings to carve out a huge niche in the mid to late 20th, and early 21st century.

I don’t know what the demographics are for Sunday Morning, but I suspect they are the same people who listen to Public Radio but are way older. Just googling around it appears I may be wrong, and that the show has made nice inroads into that 25 – 54 demographic that I passed a few years ago.

I’m not a big enough fan of Charles Osgood to get misty about his leaving, nothing like what I thought of Vin Scully.  I’m not sure how much he had to do with Sunday Morning these days, he mostly just seemed to announce what was going to be on the show and didn’t really do any segments himself anymore. I’m a late comer to Sunday Morning, I never saw the show with Charles Kuralt, and at my wife’s urging only started watching a few years ago. I’m glad I did, the segments have certainly broadened my knowledge and something we enjoy doing together, usually while eating our freshly made waffles with strawberries/blueberries/whipped cream.

My wife and were both pleased to see that Jane Pauley will be the new Sunday Morning host. We only hope that she enjoys such success that in twenty-two years she gets a send off like Charles Osgood got this past Sunday, and even more so, we both hope to be alive to see it.

I hope her first segment is on Garry Trudeau, she might know a little about him.


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