LAD Grand Slams within their first 25 games

When Andrew Toles hit his momentous grand slam last night he did it in his 25th career game.  Which left me wondering what other LAD have hit a grand slam in their first 25 games.

We all remember Yasiel Puig hitting his first grand slam in his 4th game.

Alex Guerrero did it in his 13th game on April 12th, 2015. Might have been the hit of the year.

Cody Ross had one of the strangest games in LAD rookie history. He hit two home runs including a grand slam and was traded eleven days later to the Reds.

Oh look , I fit a Bill Sudakis moment in here, what a shock. Billy hit his grand slam in his 7th game on Sept 8th, 1968

Now this was the biggest surprise to me. Norm Sherry did it in his 9th game on May 31st, 1960. I had no idea that Norm Sherry was a rookie in 1960. Wow, look at the career, one could say it very closely mirrors the career of one A.J. Ellis. I’ll have to look at that more later.

Last but not least, Frank Hondo Howard hit one on May 17th, 1960 in his 21st game.  Frank Howard would be the only one of these rookies to go onto win the ROY award. 



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