A quick spin around August games with Toles

Even though he was played sparingly Andrew Toles had an August that can sit next to Marlon Anderson’s 2006 Sept any day of the week.

Toles only got 20 at-bats because he didn’t come back until August 21st, but what he did with them was simply amazing.

4 singles, 3 doubles, 1 triple, 3 home runs, 12 RBI and a triple stat line of .550 / .583 / 1.250

Unfriggingbelievable – 12 RBI in 20 at-bats since August 21st

Yet he only started four games:

  • August 21st – Starts, 1 for 3, one walk, Dodgers win 4 – 0
  • August 22nd – Starts, 2 for 5, first major league home run, four RBI, Dodgers win 18 – 9
  • August 23rd – Doesn’t start, gets in game in 6th inning, double, home run, 3 RBI, Dodgers win 9 – 5
  • August 24th – pinch hit, nothing, Dodgers win 1 – 0, first time since he came up he does not help in the victory.
  • August 26th – pinch hit, nothing, Dodgers lose 6 – 4
  • August 27th – Starts, two hits, one double, Dodgers win 3 – 2
  • August 28th – doesn’t start, pinch hits, gets HBP, scores winning run, Dodgers win 1 – 0
  • August 29th – doesn’t start, pinch hits in 9th, hits a triple,  scores only Dodger run, Dodgers lose 7 – 1
  • August 31st – Starts, double off wall, walk, single, Boom Boom Slam gives Dodgers 10 -8 lead, drives in 5 runs. Dodgers win 10- 8

Toles only had five at bats against the Rockies in three games but still managed a Coors Cycle.




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