“I just love hitting in this ballpark”

Adrian Gonzalez exclaimed after hitting his 3rd home run today, leading the Dodger explosion over the Reds.

It should not have surprised anyone:

  • He had after all already hit five home runs off of Homer Bailer.
  • Adrian destroys Great American Ballpark.
  • Adrian has crushed this year in day baseball with a triple stat line of .390 | .445 |.561 and that was before he hit three home runs today. Can’t wait to see those numbers tomorrow morning.
  • Plus I said he’d go on a home run streak five days ago.

In the end, the Dodgers hit seven home runs, falling one short of tying the record of eight set May 23rd, 2002. That was of course the Shawn Green game where Green hit four home runs.  In that game Green only drove in seven runs, Adrian drove in eight today.

Lots of stuff happened today:

  • Toles and Segedin become just the eight duo rookies to hit back to back first jack in MLB history.
  • Seager / Adrian went back to back in the same innings as Toles and Segedin
  • Three rookies hit a home run in the same inning.
  • Adrian hit three home runs and drove in eight runs
  • Adrian / Grandal went back to back becoming the first Dodgers to have three separate back to back jacks in the same game.
  • Seager had a boatload of hits

The one thing I noticed was that when I rewatched I noticed that when Seager / Adrian went back to back that they put in a new pitcher between Seager’s jack and Adrian’s jack.
Later in the game after Seager got a hit, they put in a new pitcher just before Adrian went boom again. Heck of a way to greet a new pitcher each time.

What a game


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