Puig batters AAA pitching as Dodgers climb into 1st place

In a few weeks, Dodger fans will get a glimpse of where Yasiel Puig stands with the organization when the rosters open up on Sept 1st.

As of last night Puig has a triple stat line in AAA of .481 | .548 | .926 giving him an OPS of 1.474. He has thirteen hits in only twenty seven at bats, and has even walked three times to go along with his three home runs. He’s also healthy for now. On the field he’s done everything you could have hoped he’d do after being demoted to AAA for reasons beyond what he does on the field.

If the Dodgers don’t bring up Puig on Sept 1st, I guess we can figure that Dodger fans have seen the last of him in a Dodger uniform. They could certainly use him. They don’t really have a viable right handed hitting right fielder with both Scott Van Slyke and Trayce Thompson on the DL.  Rob Segedin has been a nice bat but he’s not really an outfielder. At least not at the level that Puig is a right fielder. Yet, the Dodgers may simply choose not to insert Puig back on the roster for the same reasons they demoted him in the first place.

Two weeks from now we will know.



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  1. 68elcamino427

    Puig is his own worst enemy.
    Puig had access to Adrian Gonzalez for 3+ seasons.
    This season a coaching staff led by manager Dave Roberts who were all in for helping Puig.
    Really, every coach that he has been exposed to during his tenure with the Dodgers would be trying to help him, that is their job.
    In Puig’s first three seasons there were fifteen Spanish speakers on the roster every year.
    For reasons only Puig knows, he was not able to take advantage of these resources for a positive benefit.
    The decision to trade or demote him was a crossing of the Rubicon for Puig and the Dodgers organization. Roberts was Puig’s last chance to make good on his annual promises to work to be a better ball player and teammate. Roberts threw in the towel.
    Puig speaks English too. In 2014 he spoke it well enough to attempt courting the sister of one of my son’s good friends. When she learned that Puig already had a kid, she told him to get lost.

    Many of the Dodgers being interviewed post game make mention of professional attitude, approach , and commitment to the game. Roberts talks about this often, it is the theme he established from his first day on the job. It looks like Puig rejected the message.
    Baseball history is littered with players who had magnificent talent, but could not handle the game on a mental level. Players often referred to these types as “a million dollar body with a five cent brain.”

    Puig simply carries too much baggage to make it back with the Dodgers.
    Everyone in the game knows what is going on with him, this will perpetually depress his trade value
    I wish the best for Puig, however the bloom is definitely off the rose.


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