Having Mark Grace for a few months was great but it is better to have Adrian Gonzalez back

On June 27th Adrian Gonzalez was hitting .264 | .337 | .372 a far cry from his normal slugging percentage.  Adrian was heard to decry the shifts and to this fan it felt a bit like whining. I mean a forty-year-old David Ortiz was having no problem with the shift, and if you are a power hitting first baseman just hit the ball where they can’t catch it.

Anyway, something changed and for the next ten weeks,  Adrian Gonzalez turned into Mark Grace. Forget that, for the next ten weeks,  Adrian Gonzalez turned into Rod Carew. The Dodger 1st baseman from June 28th – August 16th hit a blistering .354 | .425 | .517. The home runs were still missing but he was doing everything else. All those one time hits that were being gobbled up by the shift found hole after hole, gap after gap. I’ll let someone else show you the hit spray chart on why all of the sudden Adrian got hot. For me I’ll just talk about the aesthetics of the hit parade.

It was beautiful to watch.

They say all good things have to come to an end. In this case,  they ended tonight, yet I think the return of Adrian Gonzalez will end up being a great thing. Adrian powered two home runs today after hitting only four in his last 167 plate appearances.  Adrian is a streaky home run hitter so don’t be shocked if the guy who only hit ten home runs in his first 410 plate appearances of 2016, doesn’t still reach 20 plus home runs this year.

Sit back and enjoy, the rockets are about to be launched.



  1. 68elcamino427

    You predicted the power surge!

    Looks like The Titan’s back is feeling a lot better!
    Turning on that fastball last night he had his lower half fully engaged.
    If you replay it , you can see him landing and rebounding on his back foot as he completes “waving goodbye” to the ball with the bat held by his lower hand. At impact he begins “turning the doorknob” with his bottom hand and completes the motion as he follows through with” the wave”.
    These actions enhance extension, bat speed, and back spin.
    The power from the rotation in the swing starts from the feet, to the legs, and through the core.
    You just have a really difficult time making this work if you are experiencing nerve pain in the lower back or your legs.
    The day that I was searching unsuccessfully for footage of FRANK HOWARD swinging the bat and hitting the ball, I came upon an excellent coaching tutorial on the legs and particularly how the back leg influences bat speed done by the DBACKS hitting coordinator.
    Anyway, congrats to you on your predictive abilities!


  2. I’ve had a good year even if I didn’t believe in Howie hitting enough to be a LF. Little did I know that LF is now much lower on the offensive scale.



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