Everyone can’t get hot at the same time, can they?

Do you remember thinking when one or two Dodgers got hot, how great it would be if they could all get hot at the same time? Don’t look now but I think it has been happening for a few weeks, and this is why they are able to continue to win while the rotation pitches barely more than half a game everytime out.

  • Chase went crazy
  • Cory continues to make a case for MVP
  • Justin Turner continues to make a case for hottest three-year run for any LAD 3rd baseman in history
  • Adrian Gonzalez has been Rod Carew for ten weeks
  • Yazmani Grandal is clearly the best hitting catcher in the NL over the past two months
  • Joc Pederson is En fuego
  • Howie Kendrick has been the 2nd best hitting left fielder in the NL since the all-star game

Who am I missing?

Oh yeah – Josh Reddick – well you can’t have EVERYONE hitting at the same time. That would be unfair.

I’ll put some real numbers to these runs after they win tomorrow 10 – 5 or something but for now here is the fangraphs link for the past 30 days.

It is easy for me to look at the rotational shortcoming, but as someone pointed out to me, the offense more than makes up for it? Can they continue to do so?  Are they this good?  I don’t know, but it sure is fun to watch while it is happening.

As the Dodgers head into Thursday they have four players who could  get consideration for NL Player of the Week if they continue to build on what they have done on Tuesday/Wednesday.

Chase Utley, Adrian Gonzalez, Yazmani Grandal, and Joc Pederson. Oh hell,  make it five with Justin Turner.

Funny thing is that I predicted that Josh Reddick would go off this week, and he’s the only one who hasn’t.



  1. 68elcamino427

    Six guys in the order with a wRC+ north of 140 will get you to the dance everytime when it is coupled with good defense like the Dodgers are showing.
    Hats off to Turner Ward. His message is being accepted, assimilated, and implemented.
    This bodes well for Mr. Reddick, another hard core student of the game.


  2. Team is a far cry from where they were in May. Loving Joc’s at bats.


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